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A Simple Easter Tradition to Cultivate Faith in your Kids

((I was just over at my friend Samantha Krieger's blog sharing three simple ways to cultivate faith in your kids during the season of Lent. If you are coming from there HI!! If not, go check out Samantha's blog. It's a real gem.))

Easter is my favorite. It beats Christmas for me and I LOVE me some Christmas. Christmas comes like a Lion with all the expectations and hustle and frenzy. Easter comes like a Lamb: quietly, humbly, gently. Easter gives me time to breath and refocus. Mostly, I love Easter because without the Resurrection the faith I hang my entire soul on would be meaningless (1 Cor 15:14).

I really try to communicate the gospel more intentionally and emphatically to my kids during this season. A little tradition that has helped in that goal is making a Resurrection Garden. This tradition has become so special to our family and it's something I look forward to every year. I especially love that it takes about 15 minutes but lasts for weeks! It's one that …