A Simple Easter Tradition to Cultivate Faith in your Kids

((I was just over at my friend Samantha Krieger's blog sharing three simple ways to cultivate faith in your kids during the season of Lent. If you are coming from there HI!! If not, go check out Samantha's blog. It's a real gem.))

Easter is my favorite. It beats Christmas for me and I LOVE me some Christmas. Christmas comes like a Lion with all the expectations and hustle and frenzy. Easter comes like a Lamb: quietly, humbly, gently. Easter gives me time to breath and refocus. Mostly, I love Easter because without the Resurrection the faith I hang my entire soul on would be meaningless (1 Cor 15:14).

I really try to communicate the gospel more intentionally and emphatically to my kids during this season. A little tradition that has helped in that goal is making a Resurrection Garden. This tradition has become so special to our family and it's something I look forward to every year. I especially love that it takes about 15 minutes but lasts for weeks! It's one that we keep coming back to day after day. The kids love looking at it each day to see what new seeds have sprouted. I love being able to keep it out as a constant reminder that our Redeemer lives!!

The Resurrection garden is something we started about 3-4 years ago. This one will really resonate with your kinesthetic learners. I love talking to the kids about the parable of the sower as we plant the seeds (Luke 8:4-8), talking through the resurrection story and how death brings forth life!! This craft is rich with meaning. The empty tomb is such a beautiful reminder to look at on the days leading up to Easter.

What you need:
Potting soil
Chia seeds
A large, shallow pot
A small round pot
A rock
6 sticks
Twine or string to tie the sticks into crosses
Rocks (dollar tree has small bags)

I love using chia seeds because they sprout so quickly, just follow the instructions on the packet. Even my black thumb can grow chia!! Usually we can see sprouts in a a day or two. I feel like this is a pretty straightforward project but if your a step by step person here is a link. Someone who has the patience of Job wrote one. ((I am more of a Macgyver DIYer, slap stuff together and pray the house doesn't blow up. Steps? Process? What are those?))

Do you have Easter traditions you look forward to each year?

I am putting together a post on our Easter Egg tree, our one other Easter tradition. So if you need MORE super easy and meaningful crafts in your life, stay tuned. Gotta give the people what they want.


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